Pok​é​Dreams: Yellow Version Digital

  • Pok​é​Dreams: Yellow Version Digital

Pok​é​Dreams: Yellow Version Digital

Pokémon: Blue Version was released in North America in 1998. I was 8 years old. In my earliest memories playing it, it’s summer in my grandmother’s basement, I’m under blanket forts, I’m wrapped in my hand-woven purple blanket, and I’m sharing a super size fry with my grandmother (before they got rid of them). I played. I napped. I would wake, and I would play. I would train, I would explore, and I would nap. The music lives in my heart. In PokéDreams: Blue Version, Red Version, and Yellow Version, I wanted to recreate those earliest feelings of excitement, of exploration, and of peace.

Blue was created with more slumbery (and perhaps spooky, more night-time) tones including the lavender, pokémon tower, and jigglypuff tracks. Pallet town is by far my favorite song of any in the series and, fittingly, it was the first I ever created.

Red was created with some intentionally brighter and cheery moods; both cinnabar island as well as evolution, for example, feel like tending to a gently-lit fire at sunset. If Blue Version is walking through a sleepy, gentle forest, then Red Version is watching the sun rise from your blanket fort, not quite awake, looking forward to a fresh new day.

Yellow was created with an intent to explore. In terms of song choice, I prioritized unused tracks found by the fan community through data mining and ROM analysis, like the alternate (unused) ending track, field route, and the unused victory theme (titled “勝利 victory! on the album). I also included the Yellow Version tracks - pikachu’s beach and the Yellow Version title screen theme - which I wasn’t familiar with, since my best friend had this version and I didn’t. This album is fresh to my ears with songs that are less familiar to me, yet they feel exciting and fun - like the beach!

Thanks to silphwave for being such an important part of this project - and thank you, listener, for coming along on this journey with me.

August '23

-Brick 🧱

Music by Brickmason

Digital + Cassette Art by Silphwave

Track Listing

  1. 〜イエローオープニング〜 title screen (yellow version)
  2. ビルの原点へ to bill's origins
  3. ポケモンセンター pokémon center
  4. フィールドルート field route
  5. ポケモン屋敷 pokémon mansion
  6. 勝利 (VSトレーナー) victory! (trainer battle)
  7. ピカチュウのサマービーチ pikachu's beach
  8. ポケモンジム pokémon gym
  9. ニビシティ pewter city
  10. シルフカンパニー silph co.
  11. トキワへの道 the road to viridian city
  12. 勝利の道 victory road
  13. 勝利 victory!
  14. ~未使用エンディング~ ending theme (unused)

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